Eagle Scout Project

Thank you:

The Plants and Animals of Rose Canyon website is the Eagle Scout project of Gregory Barham from Boy Scout Troop 11. Gregory has always loved the canyon and has done other service projects in it from Catching invasive crawdads to planting Birch Live Oak trees. He chose this project because he wanted to share the canyon with a new generation of kids and make it even more accessible to those who want to learn about it. He would like to thank the following people who were instrumental in the process of building the website.

  • Victoria Barham
  • Philip Barham
  • Blair Lu
  • Gregory Flores
  • Alex Flores
  • Keenan Depaz
  • Jonah Depaz
  • Aiden Gruby
  • Carter Iwanaga
  • Jack Blackwell
  • Zachary Patterson
  • Diana Lee
  • Deborah Knight
  • Ann Kennedy
  • Torin Andrews
  • Michael Szuch