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Court Awards 100% of Request
for Attorneys Fees In Regents Road Bridge Lawsuit

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Nov. 12, 2007: The San Diego County Superior Court awarded $450,218 in attorneys’ fees to Friends of Rose Canyon and three other environmental groups in connection with their lawsuit that challenged the City of San Diego’s approval of the proposed Regents Road bridge project. The City will now have to pay these attorneys’ fees, racking up yet another huge waste of funds on this proposed project.

The award recognizes the fact that we pursued this lawsuit for a public benefit – the protection of Rose Canyon. It also recognizes that it was our lawsuit that caused the city to do a 180 degree turn, rescind its approval of the proposed bridge project, and decide to do a brand new environmental impact report.

State and federal agencies have strongly urged the City to no longer pursue the proposed Regents Road bridge project. It is unfortunate that the City has wasted millions on a faulty EIR and now faces a court order and a large award against them because they persist in pursuing this incredibly expensive and environmentally damaging project.

We are confident that if they do this new EIR properly, the City will find it difficult if not impossible to build the proposed Regents Road bridge project because of its cost and environmental impacts.

We are optimistic that the City will ultimately do what so many individuals and regional organizations have urged them to do: preserve Rose Canyon Open Space Park for all San Diegans – now and in the future.

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